The label MOLOKO+
was founded in 1996 upon the release of the CD The Making Ov Rakija by Badphish.

The German Label with some fine Industrial, IDM and Ambient music is going through a metamorphosis into a publishing house with print and audio releases …


Dave Allen: Real Life Strangers

Catalog-Nr.:  Plus 133
Format:  CD Digipak
Country:  Germany
Release Date:  Dezember 2021
Genre:  Rock
Style:  Dave Allen

Real Life Strangers was written in Berlin and Sydney during 2020 and 2021 and recorded in Berlin.
Dave Allen is an Australian multi-instrumentalist born in Sydney and living in Berlin. He has recorded with Bill Direen, Hugo Race, Andrea Schroeder, Dim Locator and Grüßaugust, among others.

PLUS 133 / 2021
Preis: 15,00 EUR


Apregarde Dub Orchestra: Gotland Wenig Ändernd

Catalog-Nr.:  Plus 132
Format:  CD Digfile
Country:  Interzone
Release Date:  Dezember 2021
Genre:  Apregarde Dub

it is all about the echochamber in the heart of the anchored sea a shadow swings long forgotten tunes on drowning instruments where singing bears smoking big cigars under sails of heavy metal the manson family escapes in a creepy yellow submarine rasputin takes over saint petersburg in a cold dark night tick tack tick tack time is the master of everything & everyone and truth came down like a drone from gods own saxophone follow the sonar step into the unknown listen to the lighthouse do not be afraid of nothing & nobody for god is an old pig

PLUS 132 / 2021
Preis: 15,00 EUR