The label MOLOKO +
was founded in 1996 upon the release of the CD The Making Ov Rakija by Badphish.The German Label with some fine Industrial, IDM and Ambient music is going through a metamorphosis into a publishing house with print and audio releases ...
The Moloko Plus, also called Knifey Moloko is a highball cocktail drink from the book A Clockwork Orange. The book does not specify ingredients, so there are many variations, all of which use a large milk base and may have drugs, such as barbiturates added.

In one (apocryphal) commercial incarnation, it is created by combining 1 oz Absinthe, 1 oz Anisette Liqueur, 2 oz Irish Cream Liqueur, 1 Tablespoon sugar, and 5 oz milk in a shaker with ice; the ingredients are then shaken and strained into a tall glass.

The drink’s name originates from the »Nadsat« word for milk, translated as »milk plus«. The main characters in the book prepare for »ultraviolence« by drinking it.